Coping During Covid 19

I'm sure everyone has found the past few months challenging.  It may have been even more of a challenge if you have MS and fell into the vulnerable category requiring all of us to stay in full time for months."

Mary Walsh tells us how life has been using MS Ireland's services during COVID-19.

Two things that really helped me overcome the claustrophobia of lockdown were an exercise class and a "Mindfulness Meditation" on Zoom both organised by Patricia Lucey, our care worker at MS Ireland Cork office.  The combination of both of these sessions was perfect.

On Mondays we had the Mindfulness which was very therapeutic and relaxing and then on Thursday mornings we had the exercise class with a physiotherapist.   The Mindfulness helped so much with keeping me in a positive frame of mind and the exercise classes were brilliant because it helped keep me keep fit and agile.  Prior to the lockdown we had regular exercise classes arranged by MS Ireland Cork for several years and really missed those when lockdown kicked in.  It was also great to see our friends from our regular MS class during the lockdown.

I wouldn't be very technically minded and was a bit apprehensive beforehand but found that it was so easy to go on Zoom. I was helped by my children who are well used to "Zooming" and also by Patricia with a small issue signing on the first day.  It went very smoothly after that.  If any one has an opportunity to take part in something like this grab it and go!!

Without the support of all the staff at  MS Ireland it would have been very tough to get through these difficult times. MS Ireland was my first port of call when I was diagnosed and  the staff has been so supportive every step of the way since.  It would have been hard to survive without their help support and guidance.  I really appreciate them.  

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