Dear Me…I’ve just heard the news

Here at the MS Ireland office we’ve been busy reading your letters to my newly diagnosed self. The letters have proved again and again just how unique everyone’s story is and also shone a light on what it means to have MS. You have made a condition shrouded in mystery all the more understandable and visible. So, a big thank you from all of us for your letters so far.

Here’s a few lines from some of the letters we’ve received.

“Listen to your heart. Are you happy? Slow down and look at your life, changes may not be easy, but necessary”. Nicola, Kildare. 

“By having it all worked out in your own head you’re hell bent on proving to the world that you have this sussed and can cope. It’s OK to cry. It’s natural to be afraid”. Paul, Dublin. 

With World MS Day on the horizon, there’s still time to mark the day and get writing, so if you’ve been thinking about penning your letter to my newly diagnosed self, now is the time!

We are very excited about Claudia Carroll’s input, and I know she is also looking forward to reading your letters. Don’t forget, twenty selected letters will feature in a special publication!

Read the hints and tips to help get you started, and see where it takes you. Visit the World MS Day website for further details. If you have any questions about writing your letter, email