Dip a Day in May Challenge with Meadhbh Slattery

Meadhbh Slattery tells us why she is doing MS Ireland’s Dip a Day in May Challenge and how she was inspired by the memory of a remarkable man, John Chris, who touched the lives of so many. You can sign up for Dip a Day here

John Chris, beloved uncle of her dear friend Karen Healy, bravely battled Multiple Sclerosis until he passed away earlier this year. Karen and her family were his unwavering pillars of support, demonstrating love and dedication every step of the way. Throughout his life, John Chris devoted himself to countless charitable causes, enriching the lives of those in need.

John embarked on his journey with Multiple Sclerosis twenty years ago, initially experiencing leg issues and numbness while living in Dublin. Guided by Ronan Walsh at the Hermitage, he confronted the challenges with remarkable resilience. Despite his health struggles, John immersed himself in Dublin's chess community, particularly advocating for the visually impaired. His advocacy took him to various destinations around Europe, from Barcelona to Liverpool, leaving behind a trail of inspiration and camaraderie.

For the Crowley/ Healy family, caring for John was not a burden but a privilege. His zest for life, rooted in faith, love, and laughter, infused every moment with warmth and joy. On January 30th, surrounded by his loving family, John peacefully bid farewell to us all. 

Multiple Sclerosis never stopped John in living the life that he had. It might have changed how he did it, but John lived a good life, rich in faith, love and fun. John's legacy is one of courage, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to living life to the fullest.

In his honour, and as a tribute to the incredible care provided by Karen and her family, Meadhbh is committed to giving back this May by participating in the ‘Dip a Day’ challenge to raise vital funds for MS Ireland, an organisation close to John Chris’s heart. 

Watch the video interview with Meadhbh below.

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