Disease Modifying Therapies Report

MS Ireland publishes new report on disease modifying therapies

In September 2017, MS Ireland conducted a survey on the perspectives of Irish people with MS on disease modifying therapies (DMTs). 236 people completed the survey. Today (Friday, 29th March 2018) we published a report of the findings. The report is called ‘Disease Modifying Therapies for Multiple Sclerosis: A Review of the Perspectives of Irish People with MS’. 

The report explores people’s experiences of being prescribed DMTs, what information they were given about different DMTs and what additional information and support (if any) they would have liked to help them make informed decisions about treatment options. The report also looks at experiences of side effects, reasons why people decided to change DMTs or stop taking them, how people find managing and administering their DMTs and what supports would be useful to make this easier. 

MS Ireland have already used data from the report in submissions to the National Centre for Pharmaco-economics (NCPE) and we will be seeking to present the findings to healthcare professionals in the coming months. A sincere thank-you to the 236 people who took the time to complete the survey!

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Hard copies can be obtained by contacting Harriet Doig on (01) 678 1612 or by email to harrietd@ms-society.ie  

The design and printing of this survey was supported by a grant from Merck Serono (Ireland) Ltd