Dr Susan Coote discusses plans for sustainable national physiotherapy services

Dr Susan Coote discusses MS Ireland’s plan for sustainable national physiotherapy services on Midlands 103 Health and Fitness Show

Dr Susan Coote, MS Ireland’s Exercise and Physiotherapy Co-Ordinator spoke to Dr Diane Cooper on the Health and Fitness Show on Midlands 103 about the current insufficient specialist neurological physiotherapy services in the Midlands Region and outlined the need for Government support to implement MS Ireland’s proposed National Physiotherapy Plan by providing sustainable national funding.

You can listen to the full interview with Dr Susan Coote here 

MS Ireland research has shown a significant reduction of 43% in healthcare services usage from current programme participants resulting in huge cost savings to the health service. The research also showed marked improvements in wellbeing with statistically and clinically significant improvements in balance and strength levels.

Dr Coote stated that “The funding of this program would provide much needed specialist services in the midlands and throughout Ireland and address the issue of insufficient access to local primary care physiotherapists due to long waiting lists”.

MS Ireland (Multiple Sclerosis) has a vision to significantly improve services for people with MS and other progress neurological conditions, and in doing so promote their well-being and significantly reduce costs elsewhere in the health service. 

According to Dr Coote “Our research shows that delaying and reducing disability due to MS could reduce costs to the Irish health system annually by up to €19m. We have found that participation in our exercise programmes leads to increased confidence to self manage their condition and leads to long term physical activity changes”.

MS Ireland is now campaigning for Government support through the 2024 National Service Plan to fund this essential service of a new national physiotherapy programme for MS and other neurological conditions.  



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Susan Coote on Midlands