Exercise and MS

May' s self-management series 

Exercise and keeping as active as possible are cornerstones of managing MS. With the summer coming, it can be a good time to start thinking about getting more active. Below is some useful information and tips for exercising safely with MS.

You can read an article ‘Exercise is Medicine’ by Karen Sayers, HSE Senior Physiotherapist, on page 9 of the latest issue of our MS News magazine.

MS Ireland’s regional offices organise a range of exercise programmes and classes including yoga and Getting the Balance Right, our physiotherapy and exercise programme for people with MS contact your local regional office for more information.

For some useful information and a video from the UK MS Society.

For tips on safe exercising and how to avoid overheating.

To find out more about the latest research into exercise and MS, check out a free research showcase event at the University of Limerick on World MS Day, 25th May.

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