Family Carers in Ireland

Care Alliance Ireland launch factsheet for carers

As part of National Carers Week 2015, Care Alliance Ireland launched a four-page factsheet on Family Carers in Ireland. The factsheet provides important information pulled from the 2011 Census and other sources. This information is provided in short bullet points for use by researchers and policy makers. The factsheet includes the following information:

i.The Census figures report that 4.1% of the total population over 15 was providing unpaid assistance to others in April 2011. (Census 2002 – 148,754, Census 2006 – 160,917, Census 2011 – 182,884 (excludes 4,228 carers aged under 15)).

ii.Children aged nine and under provided a total of 13,738 hours of care, whilst the 10–14 age group provided 24,758 hours.

iii.The number of male carers aged 15 years and older increased by 16.8% between Census 2006 and Census 2011.

iv.Carers aged 65 years and over represent 22% of those providing at least 43 hours of care per week.

You can download a copy of the factsheet here.