I aM Someone Campaign

MS is different for each person impacted by it. They experience different symptoms, with different degrees of severity for different amounts of time. There is no one way to ‘have’ MS, there is no one way to live with MS. Our aim is to showcase a range of experiences so people will better understand that MS is a very individual condition.

The ‘I aM Someone’ campaign aims to show the vast reach that MS has in Ireland and allow our community members the opportunity to lend their picture and story to our vision for the day. This campaign is about building community connection, self-connection and celebrating support networks. So we welcome input by anyone impacted by MS. We have left the ‘I aM Someone’ element open ended. This prefix could be followed by any number of endings including:

  • I aM Someone living with MS
  • I aM Someone who loves someone living with MS
  • I aM Someone who cares for a person living with MS
  • I aM Someone who supports the MS community
  • I aM Someone who works with people living with MS

We are all someone and each of us impacted by MS has their own unique story to share. So please join us in sharing your personal story and making this our most visible and impactful World MS Day campaign yet.

How can I get involved?

The ‘I aM Someone’ campaign will showcase the different faces of the MS community through a photography campaign. We will be encouraging you to share a photo online to spotlight your journey on World MS Day using the hashtags #MSConnections, #IaMSomeone and #WorldMSDay on all social channels. 

All you have to do is follow our simple steps and you can be involved in the campaign

Step 1: Take a photo or use an existing photo.

Step 2: Write a little about your experience living with MS in Ireland or how you support the MS community.

Step 3: Please post at either of two peak times 1:30pm and 5pm along with the hashtag #IaMSomeone – if these times are not suitable for you, feel free to join in the campaign at a time that does.

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