A Journey of Remembrance, Healing & Hope

On Sunday the 18th February, a community was brought together. In unity of Remembrance, Healing & Hope. Journeys intertwined, paths crossed from near and far, and yet with each journey being unique, the destination was but one - Tranquility.

Image of building

The seed was planted, by the MS Monaghan group who had one mission in hand, and that was to unite people together to remember those who have passed, those who travel a journey with a condition called MS, and the Hope and support that the MS Society Ireland offer with one simple message “You are not alone”

But this mission fuelled with understanding and empathy, grew bigger as with the awareness of World Sick Day that illness & sickness and loss hits all of our lives and that healing and hope was just not just for the person living with MS but for that of our loved ones, caregivers, friends & family who also travel this journey .

The seed began to flourish and on the 18th of February, it blossomed into an event that touched the lives of many.

The Venue, The Granary, gifted by Cabra Castle, their wonderful staff, who supported and assisted with professionalism, added to the special ambiance of this day.

The voice and music of Barry Hughes, which spoke a warm compassionate language of its own and welcomed guests as they arrived and his voice and music continued to bring Joy, serenity throughout the service.

Rev. Lorraine McCarthy and the team from FuturFaith Ministry who like the good shepherd guided the service and led the flock with grace and confidence.

The inspiring voice of Nicole from Misty Hollows who brought us on an inner journey of self love and harmony.

And to Breda McCague Motivational speaker who instilled this message with a wonderful motivational talk that captivated the Audience and made us feel empowered.

But most of all, it was each and everyone of you that attended that added the main ingredient of Love, Understanding, Support and Kindness that filled the room with tranquillity and this energy was so powerful that it transmuted to those who unfortunately could not attend in person but who was present in spirit.

We welcome everyone who would like to visit this journey and in your own time and home, join in, by visiting the below link.

We have only but one simple request and that is to share this video and journey so that it may reach someone near or far to remind them “You are not alone on your MS Journey “