'Joy' Supporting MS Ireland

MS Ireland is delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Joy’ necklace, by jEE jEWELLERY. The necklace is part of the ‘Sweetest Feeling’ Collection by Ger Breslin, and Ger is kindly donating half of the proceeds from each sale of the piece to MS Ireland.

Ger is the founder of Ojee Jewellery. Having completed her training with Milo Fitzpatrick and Alan Ardiff as well as completing a craft course in the Liberties College in Dublin, she set up her own studio in Maynooth, Co Kildare.

The concept behind this beautiful necklace is one of ‘touching’ the ‘feelings’ that you are wearing. The piece is highly polished and smooth, and according to Ger the collection “is a reminder to us all to be aware of our feelings, of what we feel, who we feel it for and how we show them!”

Ger says that to sell the necklace in support of charity was a logical decision as she has a personal connection with MS Ireland. Ger was keen to fundraise and decided to put her skills to best use to help people living with Multiple Sclerosis. MS Ireland CEO, Ava Battles, said she was delighted that Ger had offered her support to MS Ireland.  "It's brilliant to see Ger's wonderful craftsmanship, and to have such generosity is really fantastic! We are delighted that half the proceeds from each sale of this gorgeous 'Joy' necklace will be donated to MS Ireland, and will help people living with Multiple Sclerosis"

So why not get some one (or yourself!) a gorgeous ‘Joy’ necklace, which can be purchased directly from www.jeejewellery.com

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(L-R) Ava Battles, MS Ireland CEO & Ger Breslin, jEE jEWELLERY celebrate the launch of the 'Joy' necklace