Long Term Illness Scheme changes

LTIS now open to people with MS

MS Ireland is encouraging our members who currently hold a medical card to apply for the Long Term Illness Scheme (LTIS) following recent changes to the scheme by the HSE which allows those with a specified illness – including Multiple Sclerosis – to hold the long term illness book in addition to a medical card.

Medical card holders are currently required to pay monthly prescription charges however the new changes mean that people with a specified illness such as MS can apply to the LTIS to cover the costs of medication associated with their MS. Many prescription charges should be covered once you are approved for the LTIS.

We recommend that people with MS apply for the LTIS as it could potentially mean saving on, at the very least, some of the prescription charges which can accumulate from one end of the year to the other.

LTIS applications are processed at HSE Local Health Offices across the country.