Looking forward to race day

With the Women’s Mini Marathon less than two weeks away, Christina McDonald reflects on the build up to race day and the goals she has set herself…

This year, I have a team of people taking part with me, my partner and four of my friends. It really means so much to me that they want to run the Mini Marathon for MS Ireland. Not only are they showing their support for me but also for the 9000+ people living with MS across the country.


A lot of MS symptoms are invisible but the people closest to me often see my daily struggles with fatigue and spasticity. My partner has given so much support to me when we have been training. It’s nice to know that I have a team behind me. I know we will all encourage each other on the day to cross that finish line!


Over the past few months, the strength in my legs has weakened and spasticity is proving difficult.  But I’m still optimistic that I can jog a couple of kilometres on June 2nd. I can walk the rest if needs be but I know if I need help, I have my team of women backing me every step of the way!


Over the past two months I was feeling very down about the struggles I’ve had with my legs and my anxiety has been building as the big day gets closer. But, my mind has eased knowing I have a group of friends who help me out if needs be to cross the finish line.


Anyone who knows me well will know that I’m quite hard on myself! So having a new personal best (PB) always seemed important to me. However this year, the new PB isn’t what matters to me. It’s not how quickly I finish the race but it’s crossing the finish line with people who love me. That’s the most important to me this time round!!


I feel so grateful to be able to take part in the Mini Marathon again. It’s so inspiring to see 30,000 women all taking part for their chosen charities. I know, I will be very emotional crossing the finish line, proud of myself, my friends and everybody who takes part.


There’s still time to sign up…


You can join Christina & Team MS Ireland on the 2nd June for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and help support our vital services throughout Ireland. There are just two days left to register so book your place with here and get in touch with Melanie in our fundraising team for your exclusive Team MS Ireland pack at melaniec@ms-society.ie or on 01 678 1622.