Most Googled MS Questions

Accessing information is as simple as typing a question into Google and hitting ‘search’. However, not all of the results that are returned are reliable. The difficulty can be finding information that is current and correct. 


MS Ireland want to ensure people living with MS have valid and valuable information, directly from the experts. In this video, we have asked neurologist, Dr Karen O’Connell to answer some of the most frequently googled questions about MS from Ireland. 

Some of the questions we asked to Dr O'Connell were:

  • What is multiple sclerosis?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of MS?
  • What is an MS relapse?
  • What is a pseudo-relapse?
  • How is MS diagnosed?
  • What causes MS?
  • Is MS a progressive illness?
  • Is there any specific diet people with MS should follow?
  • Is MS a terminal illness?
  • Can MS be cured?
  • Can MS go away by itself?

You can watch the video in full below: