MS Ireland and Novartis launch first podcast series to support people living with multiple sclerosis in Ireland.

  • MS Explored – The Podcast, created by MS Ireland in partnership with Novartis Ireland, provides valuable information on living with and managing MS
  • The podcast series has been developed in response to the urgent need for easily accessible information resources for the MS community
  • Topics explored include navigating the patient journey following diagnosis, the impact living with MS can have on family life, and tips and useful advice for resources to support
  • Hosted by MS Ireland’s Aoife Kirwan, the series features top healthcare experts including as well as people with lived experience of MS

You can listen to Episode number 1 here

MS Explored Trailer

Dublin, 13th September 2021: MS Explored – The Podcast, a new series created by MS Ireland in partnership with Novartis Ireland launches today, providing support and advice to the 9,000 people in Ireland currently living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The podcast series has been developed in response to the increased demand for information and support witnessed by MS Ireland throughout the pandemic and the distinct need for easily accessible resources.

Hosted by Aoife Kirwan, Information, Advocacy and Research Officer, at MS Ireland, MS Explored – The Podcast explores a range of topics from diagnosis through to managing family and work pressures. Listeners will hear from top healthcare experts as well as individuals who have been diagnosed with the condition as they share their first-hand experiences.

Aoife Kirwan, host of MS Explored – The Podcast, who was diagnosed with MS ten years ago, said: “MS Explored – The Podcast is an invaluable resource for the MS community. Having lived with MS for several years, I know first-hand the impact a diagnosis can have on both your mental and physical health. Hearing real-life stories from others who are navigating life with MS, coupled with advice from healthcare professionals on how to better manage it will undoubtedly provide huge support to listeners no matter what stage they are at in their own journey. I only wish there had been a resource like the MS Explored podcast available when I was first diagnosed.”

MS Explored – The Podcast features leading healthcare professionals including:

  • Dr Eddie Murphy - Clinical Psychologist & Mental Health Expert at RTE’s Operation Transformation
  • Dr Lisa Costello, Consultant Neurologist at Beaumont Hospital
  • Dr Maria Gaughan, MS Fellow
  • Sinead Jordan, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Sinead Brady, Career Psychologist


Audrey Derveloy, General Manager and Country President, Novartis Ireland speaking about the podcast launch said: “We are delighted to be launching MS Explored – The Podcast today in partnership with MS Ireland. We believe that the series will serve to provide support and advice to those living with MS whenever they need it. Access to resources such as this is critical for people navigating their way through living with a condition like MS, and we hope that the series addresses key areas of concern for the MS community that are not necessarily addressed as part of the traditional treatment process.”

Three episodes will be released weekly beginning today, Monday 13 September 2021 and each will cover an important topic relating to the life of someone living with MS and potential challenges.

  • Episode 1: MS the journey 
    A diagnosis of MS can be overwhelming, and the treatment journey is different for every person with MS.  In the first episode of MS Explored – The Podcast, host Aoife Kirwan is joined by Consultant Neurologist, Dr. Lisa Costello and Laura Lee who was diagnosed with MS ten years ago, to break down a diagnosis of MS, discuss what the future might look like and how to best manage the condition.
  • Episode 2: Family Life & MS 
    Having MS doesn’t just affect the person living with it, it can hugely impact the lives of families and loved ones too. In this episode of MS Explored – The Podcast, Aoife Kirwan is joined by Sharon Henvey who is living with MS, MS Fellow Dr. Maria Gaughan, MS Nurse Specialist, Sinead Jordan and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Eddie Murphy to explore the challenges faced by people living with MS and how they can communicate their diagnosis to loved ones.
  • Episode 3: Work and education 
    Living with MS can have a big impact on work-life and/or the education journey. In this episode of MS Explored – The Podcast, Aoife Kirwan is joined by Lauren McAuley and Keith Byrne who are both living with MS, and by Career Psychologist Sinead Brady to discuss the supports and resources that are available to people living with MS, as well as tips on how and when to talk to your employer about your diagnosis.

Speaking about her MS journey, podcast participant Laura Lee said: “My personal journey since diagnosis has had a lot of ups and downs but I hope that this podcast provides comfort and support to people at different stages in their journey. I hope that by telling my story it will give people a better understanding of the disease, the impact it can have on daily life, and how families and friends can better support someone around them who has MS.”

Dr Lisa Costello, Consultant Neurologist at Beaumont Hospital and MS Explored – The Podcast contributor commented: “It is great to have such a useful resource for people living with MS that we can guide them to for support on many important areas. It is not always possible for us to support across every element of life with MS as part of the treatment pathway and so we welcome resources such as this as they can provide great comfort to people at all stages of their MS journey whether they have just been diagnosed or are at a different juncture.”

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