MS Explored The Podcast - Season 2

We are delighted to launch season 2 of ‘MS Explored – the Podcast’ in partnership with Novartis Ireland.

Season 2 of the podcast will feature four new episodes where will we explore a range of topics including meeting with a neurologist following diagnosis, dealing with MS related fatigue and advancements in treatment. 

In the series, host Aoife Kirwan, Information Officer at MS Ireland speaks with a range of experts, consultant neurologists and people living with MS to hear first-hand about their experience. 

MS Explored The Podcast EP 1


Dealing with a new diagnosis of MS can be a challenging time and often involves engaging with a range of different healthcare professionals. In the first episode of Season 2 of MS Explored – The Podcast, host Aoife Kirwan is joined by Andy Walsh, from Co. Mayo, and Dr Karen O’Connell, consultant neurologist at Tallaght Hospital.  Having been diagnosed with MS in 2020, Andy shares how he felt during this time and recounts his first experience meeting with a healthcare professional. 

Dr O’Connell defines what exactly MS is, offers insight into what a typical consultation with a neurologist might look like, and advice about preparing for an appointment. 

MS Explored The Podcast EP 2


Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of multiple sclerosis and can impact many aspects of a person’s life - at work, home and socially.  In this episode of MS Explored – The Podcast Season 2, Claire Dolan, Occupational Therapist St James’s Hospital, provides an explanation and definition of the different types of fatigue and advice on how to manage it.  

Host Aoife Kirwan is then joined by Mary McCusker, regional worker at the MS Ireland Midwest office to provide an overview of the supports available at MS Ireland for those experiencing fatigue. 

MS Explored The Podcast EP 3


Advancements in the management of any disease can bring a certain amount of interest in hope. In this episode of MS Explored – The Podcast, Dr Hugh Kearney, Consultant Neurologist in the MS Unit of St. James's Hospital Dublin, provides an update about the progress that has been made in the management of MS and what the future might hold. This episode was recorded at an information event hosted by MS Ireland on World MS Day.

Image of MS Explored Podcast Bonus Episode with host Aoife Kirwan and Andy Walsh

Bonus Episode: Living with MS

In this special bonus episode of MS Explored - The Podcast, our host Aoife Kirwan chats to Andy Walsh, a resident of County Mayo who was diagnosed with MS in 2020.  Andy shares insight into the journey of his MS diagnosis and provides advice for people living with MS.

Having known very little about MS before he was diagnosed, Andy speaks about how he has found new ways to do the things he enjoys. 

If you have been affected by any of the content in the series, please contact your healthcare professional or the MS Ireland Information Line on 0818 233 233. 

MS Explored – The Podcast is a partnership between the MS Ireland and Novartis Ireland Ltd. For more information visit 
The views, information or opinions expressed during MS Explored – The Podcast are solely those of the individuals involved and do not represent those of MS Ireland or Novartis Ireland Ltd. The primary purpose of this podcast series is to educate and inform and is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment. This podcast is supported by funding from Novartis Ireland Ltd. 

Originally published 3rd December 2023. New MS Explored - The Podcast Bonus episode: Living with MS published 29th January 2024