MS Information Line

The MS Information platforms provide trusted, confidential spaces to access one to one information tailored to the individual information request regarding any aspect of living with MS.  The Information platforms are open to information requests from anyone with an MS query including people with MS, their families, friends and colleagues and also to professionals involved in providing services to people with MS.

Recently, Pauline McKenna joined the MS Ireland team on the information line.

You can contact Pauline on the  Information Line on 1850233233, and by email at

"My name is Pauline and I have recently taken over the role of MS Information Line Worker.  My role as Information Line Worker involves the provision of confidential one to one information and support to individual enquiries through a variety of information platforms including our telephone Information Line on 1850233233, email queries to and to queries relating to MS through social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

MS Ireland firmly believes that having the option to avail of reliable, accurate and useful information through various information platforms is paramount to improving the lives of the MS Community at the different stages of living with a diagnosis of MS.  

MS Ireland also believes that Information platforms are at the frontline of our service delivery. It is often the case that contact through the Information platforms is the first step to further help from MS Ireland as well as ongoing one to one support to the person with MS from our MS Regional Community Worker Service. However, MS Ireland fully respects and supports the rights of callers to remain anonymous and still benefit from the provision of accurate, reliable and up to date information regarding their information requests.  

The Information platforms are also here to listen to anyone concerned about MS, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to share your concerns.

I will endeavour to answer all information requests thoroughly in a confidential and sensitive manner. "

I look forward to hearing from you.