MS Ireland Unspeakable Bits in November - Christmas on the Island of Misfit Toys

We've taken our title from a Rankin/Bass stop-motion Christmas television special. A favourite from the youth of our host, Trevis L Gleason. He'll explain......

This special time of year can bring joy and light into our lives, but if MS is part of that life, it can also bring some unwelcomed aspects as well. From added financial pressures, to fatigue, stress, and fears of not measuring up to the world around us. Like many aspects of living well with MS, preparation can be key.

We'll have a panel of experts and people just trying to live their best lives with MS to talk and take your questions about how to make the best of this most wonderful time of the year without stumbling into the new year strained and drained.

We hope you'll join us on Thursday evening, 30th November at 8pm

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Watch Back

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