MS News issue 109

Dear Friends,

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, MS Ireland had to adapt some of the projects that we normally work on. The pandemic had an impact on our ability to carry out various fundraising activities and this resulted in a decision to scale back some of the projects we normally work on to ensure the sustainability of our organisation. One of those projects was MS News. We decided to share MS News in digital format only, in 2020 but are happy to be returning to physical print as we know that some of you may not have access to the internet.

MS News uses considerable resources in terms of creating, printing and posting. We are currently reviewing this part of our work and assessing its relevance to our community. We would love to hear from you on this. On page 35 you will find a short survey which we would greatly appreciate you completing and returning to us. Alternatively, you can email your feedback or suggestions to the editor, Aoife Kirwan –

From various consultations with our community we know that there is value in sharing personal stories about living with MS. In this edition, we have created extra space to give people living with MS the opportunity to share elements of their stories and details of their activities with us.

You will find personal pieces on pages 14, 20, 24, 28 and 31. Additionally on page 11 we have a piece by a young writer in their early teens which explains their perspective as a child of someone living with MS As we face into yet another year with COVID-19 we have provided a summary of where we are now regarding risks, vaccines and protecting ourselves and others from the spread of the virus. This can be found on page 12.

While 2021 has been challenging in many ways, there were some good news stories and positive developments for the MS community this year including positive reimbursement outcomes, the expansion of services in some areas and even the establishment of the All Ireland MS Research Network. Details of these can be found from page 4 – 10.

In 2021 we have also been blown away by the incredible support from our community. Details of some of the extraordinary challenges people took on to support us as well as some of the wonderful sponsorship we have received this year can be found on page 32.

In this edition of MS News, we want to make our content more interactive, engaging and accessible. To do this, we are trialling the use of QR codes. There are a series of little black and white squares, similar to a barcode. To use the QR codes, simply open the camera on your smartphone. Hold the camera over the code as if you are going to take a photo of it – ensure the four corners of the code are visible on your screen. Your phone should automatically scan the code and provide a link which you can clink, taking you directly to the item we provide the code for!

In the coming weeks our Information Line number is changing. The service will remain the same but you will need to use the new number. As of January 1st 2022, you will no longer be able to use 1850 233 233 instead you will need to dial 0818 233 233.

MS News 109

MS News Issue 109

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