Newly Elected Board Members

Robin Bradley, Noelle Burke and Ian MacDougald newy elected Board Members, Anne Restan newly elected Council Representative and Edel O’Kelly re-elected to the Board of MS Ireland 

MS Ireland's 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Saturday, 24th September 2016 at the International Cork Hotel, Cork. One of the highlights of the day was the election of four Directors on to the Board – Robin Bradley, Noelle Burke, Ian MacDougald and  Edel O’Kelly who was re-elected to the Board. Anne Restan was elected as the new Council Representative on to the Board. Paddy Stronge was reappointed Chairperson of the Board and Marcella Flood was appointed Deputy Chairperson.

Manfred Huschka and Sarah Dempsey retired from the Board and we would like to thank them for their diligent service over the past seven and three years respectively. Manfred served as Chairman from 2011-2014.  

We would also like to thank Sean Murphy, Paddy Bannon and Bryan Harty who stepped down from the Board since the 2015 AGM. Sean served on the Board for nine years. He was a very energetic and passionate Board member. Bryan served on the Board for four years and was Chairman of the Services Monitoring and Evaluation Committee. Paddy served on the Board for three years. We are very appreciative of the voluntary contribution and support given by all these former Board members.

MS Ireland is governed by a board of 12 voluntary members. Some have MS themselves or have family members with MS. Others have long careers in business management, legal, banking, and other areas. The Board promotes the vision and aims of the Society and charges the Chief Executive to meet these aims through the various departments, services and resources of the Society.

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