No To Assisted Suicide

The Supreme Court rejects appeal

Person with MS Marie Fleming was denied her appeal to allow her to die in her own home with the help of her partner, Tom Curran. The High Court ruled in January that the legislation would not be changed to allow for assisted suicide.

In their judgement in January they stated that while her right to autonomy was affected by the ban, it could not agree the legislation was disproportionate.

The seven judges on the Supreme Court unanimously issued a statement that there was no explicit right to commit suicide or to determine the time of ones death in the Constitution nor was there the right for a limited class of people such as Ms Fleming.

However, the Supreme Court also stated that their ruling does not prevent the Oireachtas from debating the issue or the DPP from considering prosecutions in an appropriate manner.

Speaking about the rejection of the appeal MS Curran made a statement outside the courts saying that the courts have let Marie down and they will now consider their future.

“We will go back to Wicklow and live our lives until such time that Marie makes up her mind that she has had enough. And in that case the court will have an opportunity to decide my future.”

Mr Curran also stated that they may consider bringing the case to the European Courts of Justice.

What are your feelings on the judgement?