Public Discussion on Sex Differences in the Immune System

This is an open invitation to all members of your Society to attend our public discussion on ‘Sex Differences in the Immune System’ in the Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, on June 12th (6pm-9pm).

Public Event discussion focuses on: 

Why Biological Sex matters? More research is needed to understand why some diseases are more common in females such as autoimmune diseases and dementia, while certain cancer types are more prevalent in males. Response to viral infections and some treatment types also differs between the sexes. This event aims to raise public awareness of sex differences in many diseases. Open group discussions will bring together patient groups, clinical and scientific experts to discuss the role of the immune system in sex-biased diseases. 

How can you help? Researchers need patient and public involvement to help advance the basic understanding of the biological reasons behind diseases that show sex-differences. It’s very important to establish whether sex-differences in the immune system can explain some of these observed sex differences in diseases. 

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