Readathon Avatar Competition


We already have 6 fab avatars who grace our website, but we reckon there’s room for one more. Here’s where you come in. We want you guys to design a new avatar to join the ranks alongside Pearl the Mermaid, Joan of Books the Warrior, Sir Readsalot the Knight, Bookie Monster, Cosmo the Cosmonaut and Dean the Dinosaur.

Readathon 2021

Flex your design skills, get creative and draw us a new avatar. Give them a name, tell us why you think they’d be a good fit for the MS Readathon, tell us all about them and give them a personality.

The winning avatar will become a feature on the website for the 2022 MS Readathon, so instead of having 6 avatars we’ll have 7, and participants like you who take part next year will be able to choose your design as their avatar. 

Not only that but the winner will get to spend some time with our creative team to explain their vision for their avatar and sign off on the finished work.

Entries should be sent to

Competition is open to all MS Readathon participants under the age of 18.

Closing date is 31st December 2021. Winner will be chosen in the new year. To sign up to the Readathon visit