Self Care to Wellness Programme in the West

What is the self care to wellness programme?

This is a six week self care management programme, 2.5 hours per week, for people living with ongoing health conditions. It can help you develop the skills you need to become an active self manager of your condition and live a happier life.

Who runs the programme

The weekly sessions are facilitated by two supervised trainers. All of our trainers understand the challenges of living with on-going conditions and many use the very same health management techniques you’ll learn during this programme to cope with their own on-going health conditions.

Who can take part

Anyone living with an ongoing or long term health condition are welcome to register. 

Further information

  1. Download Autumn Schedule
  2. Download leaftlet

How to register



Contact the programme coordinator Jackie Lynott 087 7185615 or (094) 9034980