Spring Time! Spring Clean!

Clean out your closets for MS Ireland!

MS Ireland urgently needs your help to raise some much needed funds. We have found the perfect way for you to help us while also helping yourselves.

We want you to get involved in our “Clean out your closet” campaign. We all have those wardrobes and presses full of clothes & mobile phones that we have been promising to clean for so long but now you can make a world of difference to someone with MS by doing so.

We just want you to empty your closets, wardrobes, drawers and presses of all unwanted clothes & mobile phones and put them in bags. Then all you need to do is contact our fundraising partners Dolly Textile Recycling on LoCall 0818 227036 or visit www.dollytextilerecycling.ie they can then advise you of where your nearest MS Ireland Clothes Bank is situated or even arrange a pick up service for larger quantities.

We really need your help to make this campaign successful and raise funds for MS Ireland and help those with MS throughout the country.

If you want to go that extra mile why not contact Dolly Textile Recycling and let them know of any places you feel may be suitable to place one of our MS Ireland Clothes Recycling Banks. LoCall 0818 227036 or visit www.dollytextilerecycling.ie

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in the past and thank you in advance for helping to make this campaign a success!

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