Stop Cutbacks say Disability Organisations

Nine disability organisations jointly challenge cuts effecting people with disabilities

MS Ireland
20 Sep 2012

In a joint statement today nine disability organisations called on the government to live up to its promises and protect people with disabilities. In the statement the organisations explain the situation and how it impacts on people with disabilities:

“The Programme for National Recovery early in 2011 undertook to ensure that “the quality of life of people with disabilities is enhanced”.  Yet the budgetary measures implemented by Government to date have worsened their situation. Five successive years of cutbacks have undermined the independence of people with disabilities and diminished the supports they need to live ordinary lives, to enjoy individual autonomy and to participate in society as equals. 

People with disabilities and mental health needs, along with experiencing deterioration in the services and supports needed, are also living under the weight of general cutbacks and restrictions brought on by the recession.  This is a double recession hit for them and their families.”

The statement calls on the government to take action in three areas, halt basic reductions like benefit cuts, protect funding for services and publish and implementation plan for the Disability Strategy.

The nine organisation issuing the statement were: Care Alliance Ireland, C.I.L. Carmichael (Centre for Independent Living), Disability Federation of Ireland (DFI), Genetic & Rare Disorders Organisation, Inclusion Ireland, Mental Health Reform, Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI), Not for Profit Business Association, The National Federation of Voluntary Bodies. MS Ireland is a member of DFI and NAI.

MS Ireland Chief Executive says of the call,
"As members of DFI and NAI we wholly support the call today. People with MS and other disabilities are more vulnerable than most in our society and they should be prioritised in terms of health and welfare services. We see many of our members struggle physically, emotionally and financially with daily life. We are doing all we can to support people with MS and the government needs to do the same.”

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