Support for cannabis growing

Is Ireland ready to say yes?

An article in this weekend's Irish Times reports that support for the legalisation of cannabis in Ireland is growing slowly but steadily.

At the moment, people who use marijuana to relieve medical conditions face criminalisation, a €2,750 fine and up to 12 months in prison for a second offence.

In recent years MS Ireland has urged for a legislative change to allow people with MS access to cannabis-based medicine, such as Sativex.

Consultant neurologist Dr Orla Hardiman called for cannabis to be legalised 13 years ago and in that time the issue has been a hotly debated topic in the MS community and the Dáil.

Sativex is set to be available for use by March, Minister of State for Health Alex White has said, but the medicinal use of cannabis will not be legalised.

Do you think it's time to for the legislation to change?