Take on the March 3,000 Push Up Challenge

Take on 3,000 Push Up Challenge in March to Support MS Ireland 

  • MS Ireland is asking people across Ireland to challenge themselves by doing our Push Up Challenge of completing 3,000 pushups in March.    

  • Raise much needed funds to enhance the vital services of MS Ireland 

  • Sign up now and get your Push Up Challenge Pack here

  • Visit our Facebook Group here 

  • If you do not wish to set up a Facebook fundraiser, you can set one up here instead

MS Ireland is calling on people across Ireland to challenge themselves and get active to raise vital funds for MS Ireland in March. Registrations are now open for this great challenge, which will run over the month of March.  
MS Ireland is asking for your support to help us to continue to provide information, vital services and support to the MS community. We provide a wide range of specialised services and resources on a national, regional and local level. 

When you register, you will receive your own Push Up Challenge pack to help you track your progress over the course of March. Participants will be supported by the dedicated MS Ireland team and will have the opportunity to join a special Push Up Challenge Facebook group, where you can connect with people across Ireland who have joined the challenge.  

Your fundraising will allow MS Ireland to enhance the vital services MS Ireland provides to people with MS throughout Ireland including Regional Community Worker programmes for one-to-one support; physiotherapy; symptom management courses; newly diagnosed sessions and the MS Information Line. We also provide the only national respite and therapy centre for people with MS in Ireland. 

Commenting on the challenge, Melanie Cunningham, Senior Fundraiser with MS Ireland said:  

“At MS Ireland we are working to support every person with MS in Ireland. By taking part in this challenge, you will make a real impact on the lives of people with MS from all over Ireland. The vital funds you raise will be put to work where they are needed most to enhance our Multiple Sclerosis services. Every project our fundraisers support to help of MS Ireland is only possible through the generosity of our supporters. Thank you to everyone who continues to fundraise, volunteer, and donate to support MS Ireland”. 

The Push Up Challenge is MS Ireland’s most accessible challenge yet, one that everyone can get involved in. Our Physio team has put together five different variations of push ups for all levels of ability, strength and fitness. 

Did you know there are more than five different types of push ups? If you don't think you could do a standard push up, don't worry as we have four alternative options. We have the standard push up, if this is too difficult, we then suggest you try the push up with your knees on the ground. The third option is standing against a chair, the fourth is standing against a wall and the final option is a seated push up against a flat surface such as a table.  

There are many great benefits to your health and fitness through doing push ups on a regular basis.  Push ups improve muscle strength by working on the many muscle groups in your arms and they are great for activating weak muscles which can potentially improve with bone strength. 

To learn more and sign up for the Push Up Challenge in March, simply visit our Push Up Challenge Facebook page here



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