Together Under the Umbrella

Launch of EU wide Campaign to raise awareness of neurological conditions  

A Europe-wide campaign 'Together Under the Umbrella' will launch at the European Parliament in Brusssels on Tuesday, 15th March 2016. Organised by EFNA (European Federation of Neurological Associations) the Together Under the Umbrella campaign will provide the platform for people with neurological conditions to share their experiences and stories and thereby build a greater understanding of these conditions among the wider public. 

Aims of the Under the Umbrella campaign:

  • to raise awareness of the prevalence of neurological conditions
  • to educate society on the range of conditions that are "neurological"
  • to "brand the brain" by grouping these conditions under a common symbol and unified and identifiable brand

A website will launch on 15th March and in the meantime you can support the campaign on Twitter using the hashtag #UndertheUmbrella 

To coincide with the launch of the EU wide "Under the Umbrella" campaign the Neurological Alliance Ireland and the Irish Brain Council organised a FREE evening lecture on Tuesday, 15th March in Trinity College Dublin entitled "Mind Matters: Understanding and Protecting Your Brain".

The speakers at the event: Professor Sabina Brennan (creator of the Hello Brain health promotion campaign), Dr Niall Pender Senior Clinical Neuropsychologist in Beaumont Hospital and Professor Tim Lynch Consultant Neurologist from the Mater Hospital Dublin.

You can now watch the seminar online  

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