UPDATE: Governance

In light of the recent media stories on the charity sector I think it’s important to give you a sense of our commitment to good governance. We want to reassure you that MS Ireland is transparent, ethical and has on-going and effective audit processes in place. We value every donation we receive and are always mindful that it is our duty to use the money to achieve the biggest possible impact for people living with MS.

Our diligence around governance makes recent news stories even more frustrating as they have the potential to negatively impact the work we do to enable and empower people effected by MS to live the life of their choice to their fullest potential. 

Here are some facts for you about our governance:

  • The Board hold meetings 6 times a year with the Chief Executive in attendance at those meetings. The Chief Executive reports to the Board but is not a member of the Board. MS Ireland’s Code of Practice details the process on the selection and rotation of Board members, the roles and duties of the Chairperson and Chief Executive. We require formal disclosure of Directors' interests at meetings. We have a committed and strong Board, currently made up of 80% people living with MS or family members. They give their time for free and receive no payments for their work. However, Board members’ are entitled to draw for travel and subsistence expenses in attending meetings. In 2015 Board members expenses were €3,078 (2014: €2,079). No emoluments are paid to Board members. The list of Board members can be found here
  • MS Ireland is a registered charity and is in compliance with the requirements of and is listed on the Register of the Charities Regulatory Authority.
  • Deloitte, one of the leading auditors in Ireland, produce a clear, concise set of annual accounts for MS Ireland every year. Accounts for the last number of years can be found here
  • MS Ireland's accounts adhere to the SORP (Statement of Recommended Practice, Accounting and Reporting by Charities) accounting standards. Accounts year ended December 31st 2015 will be available following the AGM on September 24th.
  • We adhere to the ICTR (Irish Charities Tax Research) Guiding Principles for Fundraising. The principles set the standard for best practice in fundraising in Ireland.
  • MS Ireland holds one credit card. Credit card statements are reviewed by the Chairperson who signs off on them on a bi-monthly basis.

There is more detail about our governance and management here

In conclusion, MS Ireland would like to assure you that we take our responsibilities in this area seriously and we will continue to do so in to the future to reflect the trust you have placed in us over so many years.

Should you wish to discuss any of the contents of this email please contact me at avab@ms-society.ie 

Yours sincerely,

Ava Battles

Chief Executive