UPDATE: Living Well with MS Conference

MS Ireland hosted 'Living Well with MS' Conference in Dublin on Saturday, 26th September 2015. In addition to providing information on how diet, exercise, stress management and other wellness strategies can help you manage your symptoms and feel your best, we also held our AGM, council meeting and announced our national award winners.

Presentations on the day

Professor Alan Thompson, Consultant Neurologist

Professor Michael Hutchinson, Consultant Neurologist

Dr Susan Coote, University of Limerick

Emer Duffy, Specialist Occupational Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Emer Duffy, Specialist Occupational Therapist & Yoga Teacher

Dara Morgan, Clinical Nutritionist

Annual General Meeting

Board Elections

Paddy Stronge was reappointed Chairman of the Board and Bryan Harty was reappointed Deputy Chairman. Maurice O' Connor and Rory Mulcahy join the Board for the first time and Mary Sheahan Lonergan was elected as the new Council representative.

Dara Deering and Mark Mitchell stepped down from the Board and we would like to thank Dara and Mark for their diligent and passionate service to the Board of MS Ireland over the past three years.

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Review of 2014

The chair of the finance committee gave an update on the financial status of MS Ireland. The Chief Executive gave an overview of the activities of MS last year.  

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National Annual Awards

The highlight of the day was the presentation of our three national awards. These awards are given to those who demonstrate courage, dedication and great care for those around them. We were delighted to present the 2015 awards to...

MS Person of the Year: Maura Maye
MS Carer of the Year: Janet Lambe
MS Volunteer of the Year: Irene Barry 

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