Versatis Patches

MS Ireland has become aware that some people with MS have been affected by the recent decision by the HSE to withdraw reimbursement of Versatis medicated plasters for all conditions besides the licensed indication, which is post-shingles pain. Some people with MS have been prescribed this treatment for neuropathic pain. 

MS Ireland supports an evidence-based approach to treatment and care in MS. Whilst the evidence base for use of Versatis plasters for conditions besides post-shingles pain is limited, a number of people with MS have found that Versatis helps significantly with managing neuropathic pain and therefore has greatly improved their quality of life. 

People with MS who have been affected by this decision can ask their GP to lodge an appeal on their behalf to continue having the medication covered.

MS Ireland also calls on the Government and the HSE to look to develop a fair and transparent system to ensure that this treatment continues to be made available to people with MS for whom it is found to be safe and effective.