Wheelchair Challenge for Rugby Stars

Stephen Cluskey of GoAccessible365.com, campaigns for better travel access for people with disabilities, will give a number of Irish rugby stars a challenge they won’t forget! 

Rugby's Wheelchair Challenge asks some of Ireland's top rugby players to sit into a wheelchair and experience first hand the everyday experiences, frustrations and challenges of being physically disabled in Ireland. Four rugby heroes will be asked to make their way from Dublin's Aviva Stadium to Limerick's Thomond Park while confined to a wheelchair. Irish vice captain Jamie Heaslip, Munster's full back Felix Jones and former Ireland legends Shane Byrne and David Wallace attempt to use buses, trains and taxis - as well as pure muscle - to journey on a road less travelled.

What will happen when these elite athletes are stripped of their physical prowess and challenged to experience the sobering reality of those who live in a wheelchair every single day?

Watch Rugby's Wheelchair Challenge - TV3 Friday, 9th October @ 10.30pm

Further information

The project was initiated by accessibility advocate Stephen Cluskey, a wheelchair user and accessibility advocate. The programme has been produced on a pro-bono basis by Loosehorse Television; one of Ireland’s leading indies, winners of four IFTAs with an unrivalled track record in sport.