World MS Day 2019

My Invisible MS

MS Ireland will join with people and other MS organisations around the world to mark World MS Day on the 30th May. The 2019 campaign will be called ‘My Invisible MS’ (#MyInvisibleMS) and the theme is Visibility.

My Invisible MS will raise awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS and the unseen impact of MS on quality of life.

The campaign will give a voice to everyone affected by MS to share their invisible MS symptoms and express what you want others to know and understand about MS, in order to challenge common misconceptions and help people understand how to provide the right support.

What you can do to support the Campaign: 

Campaign toolkit 

Download posters, social media shareable, myth and truth infographics and more on the World MS Day website today:  

NEW: Poster maker tool

The World MS Day poster maker is a great way of shining a spotlight on MS by creating personalised posters and graphics. Anyone can use this poster maker tool to create a range of  invisible symptom posters as well as shareable graphics to tell the world about MS. You can share the personalised invisible symptom posters and ‘what I want you to know about MS’ graphics on social media, print them ahead of an event or download them to use in your campaign materials. 

To create your own poster, simply click on this link and follow the instructions below

  • Click ‘create your own poster’ 
  • Select a template from the five options
  • Choose a language and symptom, type your name and country and upload a photo
  • Click review your poster and when you’re happy with it, share on social media, download or print. 

Add your event to the global map

Tell the world about your World MS Day plans by adding an event to the map. Including your event on the map is a fantastic way to engage with people affected by MS in your area as well as the global MS community, attracting more people to participate in your event. Once you’ve created an event, you’ll have a specific webpage for your event which you can share with your audiences. Click here to add an event: 

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