Your Vote MatterS 2024

As the upcoming elections and imminent referendum draw near, MS Ireland is delighted to introduce the "Your Vote MatterS 2024" guide – a tailor-made resource for the MS community.

Image of wooden letters spelling the word Vote

A Guide to Voting and Elections

A tailor-made resource for the MS community.

Key Information in the Guide

Understanding Elections: An overview of the election process, emphasising the significance of voting in shaping healthcare, social welfare, laws, education, and job-related policies.

Who You Can Vote For: Clear explanations of the roles fulfilled by Councillors, TDs (Teachta Dála), MEPs, and the President, providing insights into the impact of each position.

How to Vote: A detailed guide on the voting process, including information on polling stations, receiving a polling card, and marking the ballot paper.

Accessibility: Ensuring everyone has access to the voting process, with details on accessible polling stations, assistance options for those with disabilities, and voting by post.

Referendums: An explanation of referendums and their role in approving proposed changes to the Constitution.

QR Codes for Quick Access: There are also QR codes embedded throughout the guide for further information on the government system in Ireland, voting details, referendums, and assistance for voters with disabilities.