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Helen Farrell
29 Oct 2015

Nursing Care

IMMA, otherwise known as the Museum of Modern Art in Kilmainham, always makes me imagine the dignified ghosts of old army pensioners sitting around the courtyard of the Royal Hospital in their distinctive Chelsea-pensioner red uniforms of ex-servicemen. There is a soothing feeling about the place; that of a job done, of rest, of a routine of predictable meals and duties. I am just being fanciful; I’ve never encountered anything there but modern art, but it does make me wonder about what it was like to live in the routine and care of an  old institution. 

Declan Groeger
15 Oct 2015

Hobbies, Pastimes, Interests

Hobbies, or pastimes, are an important part of life and they take on an even greater significance when living with a debilitating long term illness like Multiple Sclerosis. It is also important to recognise your limitations and to know when a particular hobby is no longer suitable to a particular point in your life cycle.