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Rosie McCormack and Keith Byrne
08 Aug 2019

Can I still have children if I have MS?

It’s a question many of us ask when diagnosed. While MS does not affect your fertility, there are still many considerations to make when thinking about starting a family; from what to do about medication to managing your fatigue and symptoms after the baby is born. Here Keith and Rosie discuss their experiences.

Niamh McCarron
Niamh McCarron
01 Aug 2019

The “Right” MS Drug

When it comes to managing MS, I’ve found that you could spend the rest of your life reading medical articles, blogs, Dr Google (not advised!) and some absolutely bonkers theories about medication and therapies. I know I am not the first, and won’t be the last, a person with MS who has gone down a rabbit hole of links online, leaping from one website to another. Looking at websites that tell me what I should be doing and ending up no further along than I was about 4 hours ago, when I had innocently decided “I’ll just read this one wee article”.