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Dearbhla Crosse
10 May 2022

Testing your limits can be both hellish and rewarding

MS will push you to your limits and expose your vulnerabilities. Most of us have had those days when just getting out of bed is a chore, let alone mustering up the energy to exercise. After my anxiety became infinitely worse during the pandemic and the return to pre-Covid normality had become too people-y, my boyfriend convinced me to start running.

Dearbhla Crosse
25 Nov 2021

Speaking Out - the importance of Disability Activism

There is a fear of disability ingrained in many of us from a young age. Being disabled or sick is seen as abnormal. Those of us with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) often deny ourselves the joy of participating for fear of being stigmatised. Disability has typically been something to hide as it makes others uncomfortable. Since some MS symptoms are invisible many people choose to conceal their disease as they worry about being treated differently or being isolated. This is further perpetuated by ‘masking’- passing as ‘non-disabled’. Invisible MS is more ‘palatable’ to the ableist world we navigate, which is perhaps why stigma is still so rife.