BT Young Scientist

Research request

MS Ireland has received the following request from Aaron Hannon, a Leaving Cert student who is planning to compete in the BT Young Scientist Exhibition:

'My name is Aaron Hannon and I am a Leaving Certificate student looking to design a device which helps people who have limited hand/arm function with shaving/facial care tasks. I hope to enter the device as a project for the BT Young Scientist and Technologist Exhibition this year, with a view to producing it in future if successful.

The project is inspired by my late grandfather, who suffered from a paralysis of his left side after a stroke. Because of this he was unable to shave independently, something which was a great source of frustration for him.

To help me understand the needs of the target market for such a device, I have created a survey which can be accessed below.

Who can participate

The survey is open to be completed by all people with any form of paralysis or loss of function in their arms/hands and their caregivers, and should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete'.

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