Exploration of Nutrition and Multiple Sclerosis (MS): persons with Multiple Sclerosis (pwMS) attitudes and perceptions regarding nutrition as a lifestyle behaviour in MS management

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Elaine Doran, a researcher at the Atlantic Technological University Sligo, is conducting research to examine persons with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) attitudes and perceptions concerning nutrition and identify if there are appropriate supports for people in this area.

MS effects 9,000 people across Ireland and has been shown to impact on an individual’s quality of life. There are many proven treatments in the form of disease modifying therapies, that can have a positive effect on MS, whereby progression can be stunted and relapse rates decrease.

An area of significant interest to people living with MS is diet and nutrition, and how this could potentially impact the course of the disease. Studies performed outside Ireland have shown that people feel there is a lack of dietary advice provided when diagnosed, and when this information is provided it should be provided by either their Neurologist or a dietician.

People living with MS are motivated to take charge of their health and well-being to manage their disease, however this can be challenging as there is potential that information being provided is overwhelming or unclear.

We are looking for a number of people living with MS to review a questionnaire before it is nationally distributed to measure the attitudes and perceptions provided by pwMS focused around diet and nutrition, and if they feel the correct supports are in place . It will add to the overall evidence base providing information on perception, attitudes and barriers in the arena of MS and nutrition.

If you are interested in reviewing this questionnaire, please contact alisonc@ms-society.ie