A Focus Group Study on Medication Adherence in MS

Alanna Denny, a PhD candidate from University College Cork is conducting research to understand the lived experiences and perspectives of medication adherence in people with MS in the Republic of Ireland. 

Aim of Study

This study aims to explore why some medications are adhered to and others are not so we can make recommendations to clinicians that in the long run ensure patient treatment adherence, safety, and satisfaction. To do this, we are asking people with multiple sclerosis to discuss with us their experiences. 

This research will also investigate participant experiences with herbal remedies and supplements.

What is involved?

The focus group study will be comprised of 6-8 people and last 90-120 minutes. It will be facilitated on Microsoft Teams or face-to-face at a location and time convenient to you. 

If you would like to take part, please click the link below.



If you would like more information, please email alanna.denny@umail.ucc.ie