Irish Team Identifies MS Gene

Scientists discover a gene associated with the development of MS and other auto-immune diseases

MS Ireland
09 Oct 2012

A research team in NUI, Maynooth today announced research regarding Pellino 3, a gene that may have a role to play in the regulation of interferons. During an infection the body releases interferons which help fight the virus. If too many or too few interferons are released MS and other auto-immune diseases can develop. The scientists have discovered that the Pellino 3 gene acts like a ‘breaking system’ and can regulate the release of interferons. The ability to control the release of these interferons has huge potential in treating MS. Research continues as the team look forward to turning their basic research into a viable treatment for MS. While this may take many years it is an exciting development in understanding and managing MS. “We are really pleased to read about the research.” Says MS Ireland CE Ava Battles. “All research into understanding MS is so helpful and offers great hope for tomorrow for  people struggling today. We are proud that Irish researchers have been working on the discovery and we look forward to hear more from the team in the years to come.” Read more: