Love Home Swap Survey

Love Home Swap is currently looking for participants to help them in a research project that will open the doors to better holiday options for people with accessibility needs.

Love Home Swap

As an award-winning home swapping platform, their members can get in touch with people in more than 100 countries, and swap homes for a holiday (much like the Cameron Diaz rom-com ‘The Holiday’, if you’ve seen it!) 

They’re aware that people with accessibility needs are not well catered-for in the travel sector, so they want to address this. They think home swapping could be a great way to make travel easier and more affordable, as you can exchange your home with someone who already has the equipment or accessibility features that you need – plus you won’t have to pay extra for multiple travellers.

To help them better understand how you feel about the concept of home swapping and whether you could see yourself doing it, simply follow the link to complete the survey. You’ll be entered into a draw to win a €100 Amazon voucher. You can also register for a 30-minute Zoom call, for which you’ll receive a €30 Amazon voucher.

Link to survey: