Medical Research Investment Needed

MS Ireland and 30 other non-profits call for better investment in medical research 

The Medical Research Charities Group (MRCG), of which MS Ireland is a member of, today presented its case for ensuring priority investment for medical research in Ireland. The group is made up of 31 non-for profit organisations involved in research in a wide range of areas. The MRCG’s pre-budget submission calls a for a well-functioning medical research infrastructure that will ultimately help patients, the health system and the economy.

The MRCG want to ensure that there is a dynamic medical research environment in Ireland. To that end three areas of focus for 2013 must be considered:

  1. Increasing Investment for Medical Research and Maintaining the Health Research Board (HRB) and MRCG Joint Funding Scheme
  2. Improved support structures for Medical Research 
  3. The need for an effective and resourced National Plan on Rare Diseases

One of the key aspects of these priorities is the guarantee of the continuance of the HRB/MRCG Joint Funding Scheme. This scheme provides 50% funding to charities who wish to invest in research. MS Ireland’s current research  project is jointly funded under this scheme.

Ava Battles, Chief Executive of MS Ireland, says of the pre-budget submission

“MS Ireland strongly supports the MRCG’s pre-budget submission. For people with MS research is the driving force behind new treatments, interventions and services, and will one day lead to a cure. It is essential that the government invests in research particularly the HRB/MRCG Joint Funding scheme. Without it MS Ireland could not afford to support research in the way be have in the past.”

Fore more information download the full MRCG pre-budget submission or the associated press release