New Study: Patients’ Preferences For Health

A Health Research Board funded study called ‘Patients’ Preferences for Health’ are looking for volunteers 

You are invited to participate in a study which will explore “Patients’ Preferences for Health”. 

In general, people have preferences of being in one state of health over another. This can often be a preference to have good health over bad, or to be in good health for so long and to be in less well health for a shorter period of time. By asking the public in Ireland to make these decisions or trade-offs we can say something about the general preferences of people in Ireland.  

Preferences gathered in this way are often used to guide choices around decisions in relation to health and using preferences from the general public is deemed to be a fair way of deciding on how to assign healthcare resources. 

However, it is likely that a person’s experience of being in a health state will alter their preferences compared against those who are only imagining being in that state. 

As such, this work will examine the differences between patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) valuations of health states, and those of the general population to see if this is actually the case. 

Before you decide whether you would like to be part of this research study, it is important that you understand why we are carrying out this research and what it will involve. Download participant information

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originally published October 2018