Parental Self-Efficacy

Research Request

What is Parental self-efficacy?

Parental self-efficacy describes the beliefs one has of their ability to manage and perform the role of parenting successfully.

Who is carrying out this study?

Rachel Mc Laughlin is a 4th-year Occupational Therapy student in NUI Galway. This research is being completed with a final year university project. This study will run between January and April, 2019.

Aim of study

Your participation in this study will add to knowledge on how MS can affect parents, specifically through levels of fatigue and parental self-efficacy. It is hoped that this information will lead to an improvement in health services in the future. 

Who can participate

A parent with MS with a child/children between 2-18 years old?

If you are interested in participating in a study looking at the impact of fatigue on parenting please read the information sheet to find out more about this study and if you are eligible to participate

Get in touch

Contact the researcher at who will happily answer any questions that you may have.