Physical Activity Behaviour in People With MS

Online questionnaire

Fintan Murphy (MSc Physiotherapy) along with Professor Susan Coote (School of Allied Health) of the University of Limerick are inviting you to take part in an online questionnaire examining physical activity behaviour in people with Multiple Sclerosis. This is an international project in collaboration with researchers in the USA and in Germany.

Who can participate? 

People with a diagnosis of MS and aged 18 years or older can participate in this study. We are inviting people with MS who “fit into” all levels of physical activity to take part. So, you do not have to be a physically active person to take part in this study. 

Aim of research study: 

The aim of the research is to understand the factors associated with physical activity so that future studies can design and appropriate exercise programmes for people with MS.

What do I have to do? 

If you decide to take part you will complete an online questionnaire consisting of 63 questions. The questionnaire will take 40 minutes (approx) and you can complete it over one or two sittings if desired. Click on the link below for more information and to start the survey

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