Prof. Alan Thompson Charcot Award

MS Ireland would like to congratulate Prof. Alan Thompson on winning the 2021 Charcot Award. The Charcot Award recognises a lifetime achievement in outstanding research into understanding and treating MS.  Prof. Thompson who is the Dean of the Faculty of Brain Sciences at UCL in the UK, is a long-time supporter of MS Ireland who has focused his 40-year career on the care and treatment of people living with MS.

He is a leader in research efforts, especially in progressive MS. His work has helped to understand the complexities of progressive forms of MS. Prof. Thompson has been involved advances in rehabilitation strategies, developing measures for a number of symptoms such as spasticity and pain as well as the impacts of disability. In addition to being an impassioned advocate of the voice of people impacted by MS, Prof. Thompson has led as a teacher, mentor and advisor on a global level. He has served on multiple national and international scientific boards and committees including the International Progressive MS Alliance.


Alan Thompson

To read more about Prof. Thompsons very deserving win of the Charcot Award, please visit:

Prof. Thompson has kindly supported MS Ireland on a number of occasions, including speaking at our 2019 National Conference where he spoke about Progressive MS and the work of the Progressive MS Alliance.