Psychological support in MS

Researchers in the University of Reading are interested in hearing what people with MS have to say about the supports they would like to made available to them to support them with mental health difficulties.

Psychological and medical literature suggests that people with MS are more prone to mental health problems which highlights the heightened need for such services to be made available for this population. Whilst there are some different types of support available to people with MS, not all are accessible or suitable to match the varying needs of different people living with MS.

Aim of study

The purpose of our survey is to give people with MS the chance to have their say in what they would like to be made available to them to support them with mental health difficulties. The information that we obtain from this survey will be used to develop an intervention based on people’s experiences of psychological support since their diagnosis of MS, as well as their thoughts on what they would like in terms of content and how it is delivered. By relying on the input directly from people living with MS we will be able to develop something more suitable to the varying needs of people with MS.

How to take part

To read more about our research and take part in the survey, please go to the following website and click the ‘start’ button at the bottom of the page.

If you have difficulty accessing the survey on the information page, it can be accessed here: