Research Request from NUI Galway

Call for participants for research on the psychological impact of living with MS 

The School of Psychology at National University of Ireland, Galway, is currently seeking to recruit people diagnosed with MS to take part in a study which examines the impact of MS on quality of life. MS is characterised by variable and unpredictable symptoms and no two people can have exactly the same illness experience. It is important, therefore, to understand individual variability in the emotional and functional impact of the illness on people’s lives.

Aim of study

This study examines the stresses perceived and the beliefs people hold about their illness and how that relates to quality of life. This research is important as such studies will help to develop interventions to enable people to cope with the illness.

Who can participate?

People diagnosed with MS.

What do I have to do?

The study requires individuals who have been diagnosed with any form of MS for over a year to fill out a number of online questionnaires which examine their experiences of living with MS. It will take about 10-20 minutes to complete.

If you are interested, please click the following link: 

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Get in touch

Any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the researcher, Jessica Barton: