Research Update: Understanding The Opportunities And Barriers For Evaluating Services Delivered In MS Ireland

In collaboration with MS Ireland, Dr Rebecca Maguire (Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Maynooth University) and Austin Fahy (research assistant) undertook a project funded by the Irish Research Council which aims to understand the opportunities and barriers for evaluating services delivered in MS Ireland. 

People with MS (PwMS) can experience a number of diverse needs which may be met by community-based services such as those delivered by MS Ireland (MSI), where Community Workers (CWs) provide support to PwMS on an individualised basis. However, while such support may be critical in helping PwMS adapt and cope with the challenges of living with MS, there has been little evaluation of the outcomes and impacts of this service to date. This study aimed to explore the perceived effectiveness and impacts of community work from the perspectives of both PwMS and CWs.

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